The goal of tic is to facilitate testing and deployment tasks for R projects in Travis CI, AppVeyor, or the CI tool of your choice.

In a nutshell, tic does the following:

  • Installation of required dependencies for the project
  • Satisfying dependencies of steps to be run in all CI stages
  • Running rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck() (if the project is an R package)
  • Building of a pkgdown site and deployment to the docs/ folder of the master branch (Travis only, R package only)
  • Running a code coverage and uploading it to (Travis only, R package only)

It comes with pre-defined templates for various R projects (package, bookdown, blogdown, etc.) and provides CI-agnostic workflow definitions (for the CI stages).


It can be installed from Github with:


When using tic it is helpful to be somewhat familiar with the concept of continuous integration (CI).
By calling travis::use_ci() a production ready setup for the respective R project is initialized.
This function will create a CI setup for both providers Travis and Appveyor.
For more information see the Getting started vignette.