The goal of tic is to enhance and simplify working with continuous integration (CI) systems like Travis CI or AppVeyor for R projects. To learn more about CI, read this blog post and our Getting Started vignette.

The most important improvements over existing solutions are:

  1. Deployment to a Git repository is greatly simplified. Update your repository with results from the CI build.

  2. Support for R packages and other kinds of project (bookdown, blogdown, etc.), with predefined templates. Set up your project to deploy rendered versions of your book or blog with a single push to Git.

  3. Workflow specification in a single .R file, regardless of CI system used.
    Forget about .yml files or web browser configurations.


It can be installed from Github with:


By calling travis::use_ci() a production ready CI setup is initialized, tailored to your specific R project. The created templates will use the providers and For an R package, the following steps will be set up for the CI workflow:

  • Installation of required dependencies for the project
  • Satisfying build-time dependencies of steps to be run in all CI stages
  • Running rcmdcheck::rcmdcheck()
  • Building of a pkgdown site, with deployment to the docs/ directory of the master branch
  • Running a code coverage and uploading it to

See the Getting Started vignette for more information and links to minimal example repositories for various R projects (package, blogdown, bookdown and more).