Prepares a repo for building and deploying supported by tic.

use_tic(path = usethis::proj_get(), quiet = FALSE)



The path to the repo to prepare.


Less verbose output? Default: FALSE.


The preparation consists of the following steps:

  1. If necessary, create a GitHub repository via use_github()

  2. Enable Travis via travis_enable()

  3. Create a default .travis.yml file (overwrite after confirmation in interactive mode only)

  4. Create a default appveyor.yml file (depending on repo type, overwrite after confirmation in interactive mode only)

  5. Create a default tic.R file depending on the repo type (package, website, bookdown, ...)

  6. Enable deployment (if necessary, depending on repo type) via use_travis_deploy()

  7. Create a GitHub PAT and install it on Travis CI via travis_set_pat()

This function is aimed at supporting the most common use cases. Users who require more control are advised to manually call the individual functions.